Mystery WWII Concentration Camp Liberation – Research Help Needed!

Hey PortraitofWar followers! I recently acquired an incredible grouping of photographs taken by a US soldier during the liberation of a concentration camp/labor camp during the tail end of WWII. There’s not much to go by in terms of identifiable visuals, but there are images of German military officers marching in line to view the bodies, as well as a liberated person in front of a T28E1 US tracked anti-aircraft gun. Additional photographs show an American officer speaking to a line of US soldiers passing before a group of bodies.


Any thoughts or ideas? I hope to pass these on to an organization that can present and appreciate them, but I want to identify the material before doing so.


A liberated prisoner tries on shoes for the first time in years


The American T28E1


A German collaborator? Commandant?


German officers pass through the line


US officers speak



US officers speak




4 thoughts on “Mystery WWII Concentration Camp Liberation – Research Help Needed!

  1. Some thoughts:

    i)This is certainly somewhere Upper Bavaria – the house architecture is fairly typical of the region.

    ii)The presence of the 2 Luftwaffe officers suggests some sort of air force activity is close by. Lager Lechfeld was used as a fighter base and a shake-down airbase for the nearby Messerschmitt complex in Augsburg. Prisoners were engaged in constructing bomb-proof bunker-factories in appalling conditions.

    iii)One of the photographs has a very distinctive semi-sunken barrack type, known as “Erdhütten” (Lit: “Earth huts”) – very primitive constructions, the timbers of which were made from off-cuts and waste from furniture production and which survivors testify, leaked terribly. These barracks were a distinctive feature of the Dachau sub-camps in the Kaufering/Buchlöe area.

    iv)The brief Wiki article tallies fairly well with the photos and my comments:

    Hope this helps,

    Taff Simon

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