WWII Combat Photography of the 87th Division in Germany – 347th Infantry Regiment

Casual followers of this blog will know that the majority of my slides and photos are mainly portraits and posed scenes, although a few capture moments of combat, the vast majority of WWII snapshots floating around the web were taken at leisure during down-time after combat.  A recent set of photos to come into my possession show an uncommon view of front line fighting.  This is my third set of photos of this type, the other two being from the 99th and 42nd Divisions.  This set comes from a veteran of the 347th Infantry Regiment of the 87th “Golden Acorn” Division.

Russian Slave Laborers Looting

Tanks and Infantry Advance in Schietz

Dead German in Street

Sherman Tanks in Plauen Germany

Captured German Police Helmet

Women in Rubble


Captured German Belt

Unit Crest of the 347th

The Runner up for Unit Crest Design

Many more to come!

22 thoughts on “WWII Combat Photography of the 87th Division in Germany – 347th Infantry Regiment

  1. Hi,

    Would it be possible to exchange some emails about the 347th Infantry Regiment photos in Plauen? Could you send me a mail?


  2. The photo of the freed Russian labourers looting is in the German town of Schleiz, Agnes Strasse. The other photo of American tanks is likely to be Schleiz as well (not Schietz) – hope that helps!

    • Hi Stewart,
      Did you post these pictures? I’m asking because my dad has these pictures and is actually in two of the pictures. My dad is looking for his Army buddy that posted these and wanted to get in touch with him if possible!
      Thanks for your help!
      Denese Harbaugh Terry

  3. Picture 3. Plauen, Pausaerstr.
    Picture 4. Falkenstein / Vogtland
    Picture 6.: Plauen,- Wartburgplatz
    Picture 7.: Plauen ,- Tunnel (Cafe Trömel)
    Picture 9.: Plauen Tunnel
    Picture10. Plauen (Cafe Trömel)
    Great Pictures.

    Thanks from Plauen Germany

  4. Great Stuff mate, I actually have a book being released soon called Blue Suede Shoes which is about a US tank crew in the Vietnam Era. Its under print now and I will have the ISBN number soon. Its being released in 5 countries so Im told so look for it in my facebook under charles armstrong
    and perhaps you will get a good laugh and a cry from it. Its 15 short stories.
    However please keep up your good work its great. I will continue with my blog as its also my Hobby, I have 25 of different Radio controlled models
    hope this finds you well.

  5. We adopted the grave of George A. Maxon, SERIAL NUMBER: 37511824, STATE: Missouri, DEATH: 02 Feb 45 in Belgium.
    Maybe has somebody information for me.

    • Thank you for taking care of Uncle Dutch. If you still want to know more about his family, feel free to email.

      • Hello Cris,

        Very sorry for the late reply, we did not read it before.
        You’re most welcome and we like to know more about his family.
        Thank you very much, we appreciate it.
        We are Ed and Anita, a family from the Netherlands.

      • Hello Cris,
        I am sorry but i read just your comment, i never had a notify.
        I am surprised to read your comment and i want to know more about George Maxon’s Family.
        I hope you read my comment.
        Greetings Anita

  6. Great pictures of the 347th! My grandfather served in Company C and I have a lot of photos from his time in the service. Any chance we could exchange emails and possibly pictures? Thanks!

    • Drew – My father was in Comany C – 347th from Dec 1944 to the end of the war. I am putting together a family history and would love to get any additional info on Company C during the war. Could you email me at criegel@cresa.com? Thanks!

      • Not sure if this link is still active. Just finished up a chronology tracing Company C, 347th from approximately the end of December, early January through the end of the war. Contact me if interested in the information. The 87th is holding their reunion in St. Louis in October. See the 87th Legacy website for more information.

      • Thanks for contacting me! The 87th is one of my favorite units and I receive quite a bit of questions regarding the unit. I would appreciate a copy of the chronology if you’re willing to share.



  7. I was scrolling through here and noticed these are pictures my dad has and he is actually in two of the pictures! My dad was wanting to find out which of his old Army buddies sent these pictures in to you. He would like to contact him if possible. Please feel free to send any information to my email listed below.
    Thank you!
    My dad is 1st Lt A.W. Harbaugh

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