WWI Photo Post – Lincoln Leslie Loper w/ Gas Mask Returns Home From France January 1919

Lincoln Leslie Loper served in France with a military medical unit during the last year of WWI.  Born and raised in Iowa, Loper  eventually worked his way to Washington, living in Seattle as early as 1942.  It’s tough to trace an individual based on scant information, but I’ve been able to deduce that he passed away in 1972 based on his military records.

Lincoln L. Loper in a Gas Mask, 1919

Lincoln L. Loper in a Gas Mask, 1919

LIncoln Loper Postcard Backside

Lincoln Loper Postcard Backside

4 thoughts on “WWI Photo Post – Lincoln Leslie Loper w/ Gas Mask Returns Home From France January 1919

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  2. Hi Brennan!
    I just found your post on Lincoln Loper — he’s an ancestor of mine! He was my grandmother’s cousin, but I know about him mainly through the mentions made of him in a family newsletter that my great grandfather wrote. I’ve been publishing the newsletter one issue at a time over the past several years at my blog (which is otherwise just a photo diary) here: https://boomerang2.wordpress.com/. In case you’re interested, you can find most of what I know about Lincoln in this post here: https://boomerang2.wordpress.com/2013/12/22/warm-weather-continues-original-boomerang-for-december-22-1918/ — Back to your blog: what an *amazing* photo! I’m just curious: how do you know it’s of Lincoln (was it on the other side of the postcard)?

    Thanks, thanks for your blog — I watched the part of the Discovery channel show that featured you — best wishes to you with your work!
    — Martha

    • Martha,

      Wow – very cool to touch base with you. I’m glad I was able to identify him specifically because he used a personal stamp with his return address on the back. It’s 100% your relative.
      Thanks for your kind wishes! I only ask that you keep the research fire burning – and pass it along to younger generations 🙂


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