WWI Panoramic Photo Yardlong – 36th Division, 131st Machine Gun Battalion in French Street – Check the Detail!

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The large format of WWI panoramic photos is not an easy scan, but after scanning this yardlong photo in seven sections, I was able to seamlessly splice the photo together using Photoshop.  The results are an eye pleasing display of WWI doughboys sitting in a French street. One could spent hours looking at each battle wizened face, or the citizens and scenery in the background.

131st Machine Gun Battalion – 36th Division

Using the magical power of GoogleEarth, I was able to track down the exact street corner in this photo.  Not much has changed in 100 years!

Saint Aubin Des Coudrais, Sarthe France

34 thoughts on “WWI Panoramic Photo Yardlong – 36th Division, 131st Machine Gun Battalion in French Street – Check the Detail!

  1. My Grandfather was in the 132nd Machine Gun Battalion in the 36th Division but was used by the 42nd Rainbow Division. He was hit several times with a 50 caliber Maxim Machine Gun and stranded in No Mans Land in a shell hole for 5 days without food or water. Any chance that you have a picture of that Battalion? His name was Bill Morrison and lived in Fort Worth Texas. He was first in the 1st Texas Field Artillery as a Voluteer in the National Guard for Boarder Patrol on the Mexican Border around 1916. In 1917 they were transitioned into the 132nd Artillery at Camp Bowie by General Pershing’s orders. So any photos of the 132nd battalion would be appreciated. If I saw his face as he was about 16 or 17 then, I would recognize him quite easily. He would look like a very young Cole Younger because Cole was his Uncle. Cole’s much younger sister Henrietta Younger was bill’s Mother. Like I said any photos or info would be greatly appreciated.

      • Please contact me at thegemguy@hotmail.com so I may somehow see the photos and hopefully use them. Somehow by accident I got to this site again. Do you know of anybody that may have the roster list to these battalions? This would be a great gift to my Uncle and Aunt to see their father’s photo in his latter teens.

      • How can we see these photos? Also, I have several as well of personnel of 132nd – how do I get them to you?

    • hello mr. combs, my father enlisted in the war. he lied of is age he was told the army he was 18 and he was only 16. he was a doughboy all i know he was sent to france in the trenches and he was the frontline. i can’t find him. he was born in hoboken, nj and he livied in spotswood, nj and also torrington, ct. is there anyway you can find him. his name was: thomas stephens went in 1917 to france. i also have a picture of him for war. i can’lt find him also he was in the army. and he came back then went into the marines when the war was over, thank you very very much. anita j dagostino 1049 burnt tavern rd, brick, nj 08724

  2. Mr. Combs, I’m looking for information on my Great Uncle Hedgpeth, who was also in the 132nd, killed in action (currently working to find details from an old box full of letters I found at my late grandmother’s house) from the panhandle of Texas. Would be greatly appreciated if you could send me an e-mail, robertsteagall@me.com, and maybe between the both of us we can help each other find photo’s and information on our ancestors. Thank you.

  3. My grandfather served as a motorcycle courier (with machinegun mounted on a sidecar) with Company B, 131st Machine Gun Battalion, 36th Infantry Division in France (WWI). Any originals or reprints of photos available for sale?

  4. I have a panorama pix of 132nd MG Battallion. My grandfather, William Purnell, was in this unit. I also have several photo post cards of him in training. Any other photos available?

  5. Hi, I’m a primary school teatcher who lived in that village. I’m preparing my classes and I discovered that photo. Someone could tell me why américan soldier were in France during the first world war? I apologised for my english, my children are better thant me but theyaren’t at home anymore, and nobody can help me writing better.

    • During the First World War, Germany invaded France and several other countries. In response, Britain, the US, and several other countries sent soldiers to France to help the French Army repel the German occupation. The US forces were known as the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) and were led by General “Blackjack” Pershing of the US Army. The 36th Infantry Division’s 131st Machine Gun Battalion, in the photograph, was one of many US Army units assigned to the AEF and deployed to France in the latter months of the war.
      Jim Moore, jpmoore51@gmail.com, grandson of one of the soldiers in the photo.

  6. My grandfather is in this photo. I’m wondering who posted this here and if they would be willing to sell a copy or a hi-res version. I joined the Army 25 years ago, he loved serving and so do I…would love to have this framed hanging on my office wall.

  7. My Great Grandfather was in Company B of the 133rd Machine Gun Battalion in the 36th Division
    (Co. B 133 MGBN 36 Div). His name is William A. Schupp and was born in Lucinda, PA. He passed away when my grandfather was in high school and he has no photos of his father. It would mean the world to my grandfather and me if you had any photos of him (or his division/battalion) that you could share with me. Thank you portraitsofwar!

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