8th Vermont Infantry Regiment Civil War Soldier – Henry N. Derby Dies of Disease in Louisiana

Henry N. Derby was born in Wardsboro, VT on April 15th, 1846, later moved to Townshend where he enlisted for Federal service on December 8th, 1863 and mustered in on December 29th.  He signed up for a three year enlistment with Company C of the 8th Vermont Infantry Regiment and traveled from Vermont to Louisiana, where he quickly became ill.  He died on March 31st, 1864 presumably of disease; one of 241 from the regiment that died of such causes.

This photo just arrived in the mail from an eBay auction where the name of the soldier was not revealed.  Luckily, I was able to tweak the lighting/contrast with photoshop to discover the name of the soldier before I bid.  CSI: Civil War style!

Henry N. Derby
Brennan C. Gauthier Collection

Brattleboro Backmark

Henry N. Derby Grave in Chalmette National Cemetery, LA
Source: http://vermontcivilwar.org/cem/virtual/getnatcem.php?input=13809
Photographer: Dan Taylor

Here’s a great link to a Vermont Historical Society collection from a Vermont soldier who also served with the 8th VT and also died in Louisiana.


2 thoughts on “8th Vermont Infantry Regiment Civil War Soldier – Henry N. Derby Dies of Disease in Louisiana

  1. Joseph A. Evarts was the 34th Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts of America and earned his Eagle Scout rank in 1913 while serving as Scout Commissioner for the state of Vermont at the age of 26. He was the first Eagle Scout from Vermont and also the first Scout ever to earn Life and Star ranks as a pre-requisite for Eagle. You can find him in the Honor Roll in Boy’s Life magazine in June 1913 with a picture of him on horseback.
    I love your site. I chanced across it while documenting the Boy Scout aspects of Joseph A. Evarts. Great job!

    • Ric! Thanks for finding my site. Another reader apparently has his eagle scout medal. Glad you dug up some info on him that I missed in my research. I donated his dog tags to the St. Albans (his hometown) Historical Society after doing an hour long presentation on him. He died of complications from being gassed only a few months after returning home from the war.

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