One thought on “WWI Photo – 2nd Division Doughboys in Vichy, France – 1917 Trench Knives and ChauChaut Machine Guns!

  1. Hi:
    I’m writing a book titled “Assault Troops of World War I: The Central, Allied, and Neutral Powers,” to be published by Schiffer. I’ve published three WWI books with Schiffer already.

    I’d love to use this photo in my book. In exchange, I’ll give you a copy when it’s published. It’s going to be an illustrated history–nothing but photos and drawings with captions. Since nobody has covered Dutch stormtroopers, Spanish and Japanese flamethrower sappers, Danish hand-grenade throwers, Norwegian mountain gunners, and so on, the book will be a valuable resource.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thomas Wictor

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