WWII War Orphans Pose in Germany – Barefooted German Children in Crisp B/W

Digging through backlogged collections is fun.  I always seen to unearth a photo, negative or slide that eluded my initial passover.  In this case, I found a poignant negative from 1945-1947 showing two barefoot children who survived the war somewhere near Munich.  The photographer (unknown) had quite the eye for detail as evidenced in his 400+ negatives in my collection.


Bare Feet on Cobble

Bare Feet on Cobble

2 thoughts on “WWII War Orphans Pose in Germany – Barefooted German Children in Crisp B/W

  1. Some months back, I stumbled upon this website. It looked interesting, but I was busy looking for a different website. I thought it had merit, so I signed on so I could view it at a later time. I’m happy I did. This person seeks out veterans photographs movies….anything that tells a story. The little I have explored this website has exposed some rather nice photos and film during the war and after. These are like the little unoticable jig saw puzzle pieces that complete the the whole picture. Anyway, if you have some time, give it a look over and decide if this a keeper or not. I receive these e-mails at random. One day I open my e-mail inbox and there it is. Later, Glenn

    Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2014 02:03:51 +0000 To: gkreinus@hotmail.com

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