The University of Vermont at War – Draftees in 1918 – Williams Hall at UVM

UVM SATC (Photo Courtesy of UVM Special Collections)

Drafted UVM Students (Photo Courtesy of UVM Special Collections)

My search for WWI Vermont photography continued this week at the University of Vermont’s Special Collections Annex.  Utilizing the Louis McAllister Collection database, I was able to track down two panoramic photographs taken at UVM in 1918.  This particular shot was taken in front of Williams Science Hall located on the UVM green.  I spent much of my time as an undergraduate studying in this building, so this photograph is particularly close to my heart.

This first photo was taken by McAllister on October 31st, 1918.  The new class of the S.A.T.C. was just inducted on October 23rd, just a week before this photo was taken.  Although the quality of the image is lacking, the content speaks volumes.

The second photo was taken a few months earlier, in July of 1918, and shows the first round of students from UVM to be drafted.  McAllister enjoyed using the Williams Hall entrance as a backdrop for his photographs; this is a panoramic style we see until the early 1960s.

While searching for reference material, I came across this advertisement from the 1918 Ariel yearbook of UVM.  It looks like Louis McAllister was a supporter of UVM!

Courtesy of UVM Special Collections

Special thanks to the UVM Special Collections crew for helping me with my search.  All photos in this post are courtesy of UVM Special Collections.

2 thoughts on “The University of Vermont at War – Draftees in 1918 – Williams Hall at UVM

  1. Hi, I found your site while looking for information on a panorama photo of a large group of soldiers at The University of Vermont taken on Oct 31 1918. I’m pretty sure it is the same as this first group in this post.
    I don’t have a good way to scan it. It is about 3′ long. So here is some shots.!1237&authkey=!AFwvSvX_CjeAOiY&ithint=folder%2cjpg

    • Nice shot! Yep it’s the same photo. I actually have seen multiple copies of this same panoramic at various antique shops. If you scan each section of the photo into you computer I can help you stitch them together.

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