Spencer, Massachusetts WWI Veterans Return Home – 1919 – Panoramic Photo


In an attempt to digitize my growing collection of WWI panoramic “yardlong” photos, I’ve been scanning and editing my collection to post here on PortraitsofWar.  This photo comes from a small town in Central Massachusetts, not far from my hometown.  I found the photo at an antiques flea market in Palmer, MA.  The glass was incredible dirty, and the photo has considerable moisture and mold damage, and was in need of some TLC.

The variety of service members is incredible!  Of particular interest are the Postal Service member, the Marines, two tankers, and a handful of 26th Division members.  What a great image, one worthy of display here at PoW.

4 thoughts on “Spencer, Massachusetts WWI Veterans Return Home – 1919 – Panoramic Photo

  1. This is a great photograph. My Grandfather was in the 104th Co. D. I have a photograh of him in France with three other gentlemen I can’t identify. Wonderful digital quality of this panoramic. I’m going to go through it to see if my Grandfather is in it. I realize you got this in a flea market, but is there anything written on the back? Thank you. – Rachel (Lancour) Clark

    • Rachel,

      Excited to help. I’m assuming your grandfather was from Spencer? All of the 26th Division (104th was included in this) are posing on the right side of the photo. Would love to help – send along a scan of the photo and I can try to help. I have access to some material from the 104th and can possibly help ID the guys.


  2. My Great Uncle PFC William Edwin Swallow was part of MEDICAL DETACHMENT 54TH ARTILLERY COAST ARTILLERY CORPS. If you could identify the section to help me narrow down where he might be, I would appreciate it. Thanks so much

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