WWII Photo Collection – 226th Signal Corps Invade Southern France 1944

All in all, a pretty well rounded collection. The unnamed photographer made sure to captured shots of German equipment, a few Panther tanks, U.S. aircraft, lots of vehicles and trucks, destroyed buildings, local people and some great painted signs. Essentially this collection contains everything that makes a good wartime ETO photographic grouping.

226th Signal Corps – From what I can tell they were in charge of transmitting info from the front back to London. They operated specially fitted trailers with radio and signal equipment. I found the address of the 226th historian and will write him a letter.

D-Day Southern France

German Panther Tank

8 thoughts on “WWII Photo Collection – 226th Signal Corps Invade Southern France 1944

  1. trés belles photos,j’ai reconnu la place des Vosges à Nancy,c’est la quatriéme photo en partant du haut,superbe travail

  2. LaDonna Lavine A. : 03 Apr 14
    My dad, Millard P. Lavine was a corporal in the 226th Signal Corp. He landed in North Africa and went the long haul all the way to the hostilities ending in Germany in 1945. I was fortunate enough to have been given his copy of “HISTORY OF THE 21st AND 226th SIGNAL OPERATION COMPANY IN WORLD WAR II” compiled by Mr. Glenn Waites, Thank you all for never forgetting the sacrifices of the brave men from everywhere who gave everything for freedom.

    • My father, Jerry Fargus, was also a member of the 226th Signal Corp. I also was privileged to receive a copy of “The History of the 21st and 226th Signal Operation Company in World War II. These brave men sacrificed so much for the freedoms we now enjoy. They should never be forgotten. I can remember our family attending several of the 226th Sig Vets Reunions held on the east coast in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

      • Thanks for finding my site Jim. Your copy of the 226th signal operation company sounds fascinating. Let me know if you want to see more material from this particular collection.

    • Hello!

      My father LT William H. Ogden served with the 226th Signal Operation Company from February 1943 through June 1945 – from Tunisia, to Naples, to Rome – Arno, to the invasion of Southern France, through the Rhone River Valley, to Dachau, Augsburg and Innsbruck. The scars of his WWII experience haunted him throughout his lifetime. I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment that we should never forget the sacrifices of all of our veterans who gave so much to protect our freedom.

      I have never seen the “History of the 21st and 226th Signal Operation Company in World War II” compiled by Mr Glenn Waites. Is there any possibility that it could be scanned and shared with me? I would really like to understand what the soldiers of the 226th went through.

      Thanks for your time.

      Phil Ogden

  3. I recently discovered that my Grandfather, Maurice Olen Ditto, was in the 226th Signal Corp for the duration of WWII. I find your photos fascinating, and would love to see more. I’d also love some direction on how to find out more about this particular company. We do have a copy of a booklet that has the previous two posters’ relatives names listed in it, however my Grandfather never attended any reunions and never spoke about his time in the service.

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