WWII Portraits – Headshots of the 739th Field Artillery Battalion

I’m trying something new with this post…… I recently purchased a large lot of headshots of unnamed members of the 739th Field Artillery Battalion.  All the photos were taken in a single sitting in a German studio by a photographer named Lothar Schilling.  I’m currently in the process of identifying each of the men using a unit history with group shots of each particular battery….. more to come on that…….

The image below was created by taking a cropped view of each photo and adding them together in quick succession.  Each face is rendered as an individual frame to create a soundless film of the entirety of the group.  I thought it was interesting to see the vast differences in each facial expression of the 90+ man group.  Complete photo lots like this are hard to come by, especially with such high image quality.


11 thoughts on “WWII Portraits – Headshots of the 739th Field Artillery Battalion

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  2. My Grandfather Paul Tenenbaum was in the 739th FAB in WWII. I have some photos I have several photos trying to find out more maybe you can help.

  3. My father was a 1st Lieutenant (later promoted to Captain) in the 739th. It sounds like you have the “Fire Mission” book. He’s on page 77 in the back row, and also on p. 95 in the center of the back row. I didn’t see his headshot in your Bad Soden collection; possibly he missed the session or the collection was incomplete.

    I may have some photographs that he took during the campaign. Unfortunately they’re not well annotated. Let me know if you’re interested.

  4. I have a copy of the book with Jim Reynolds father on page 77 and 95. The books binding is in poor shape but the interior is in good condition. Is there an interest in this book or the photos?

      • Troyce,
        It is a rare book for sure. I work for a guy who sells used books. We scoured the web and couldn’t find any other connection but this site where we connected. I want to make sure you know what you are getting if you decide to purchase the book. I will send a few pictures once we exchange email addresses. I hope we can work something out for you.

    • I am interested, please send me an email, or call. my grandfather was in the 739th. Thank you. We have been trying to track down a copy of this book!

  5. My father served in this unit during ww2 from activation to the end of the war. His final assignment with the unit was as battalion first Sargent. i have a copy of the book that to it. is in very good condition which i acquired from a used book dealer through Amazon. i remember my dad having a copy but i don’t know what happened. my dad stayed in the army and served in Korean War and ultimately retierd from the service in 1967 shortly after i joined the army.

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