A Canadian in Holland During WWII: Photographic Journal of Captain William J. Klyn – 1945

For those interested in views of Holland during WWII I present the following set of unwatermarked images.  Please enjoy, and if you plan on using these for publication, please contact me first.  I assume most were taken in Amsterdam, but some may have been snapped in other places in the Netherlands and possibly Germany.

Want more?  I have over 200 images taken in Holland during WWII.  Add a comment asking for specific topics and I should be able to help you out!

4 thoughts on “A Canadian in Holland During WWII: Photographic Journal of Captain William J. Klyn – 1945

  1. On the ‘parade’ picture in the square, the buildings have German writing. The festive atmosphere throws me off a bit. Might be Germany itself, might be German speaking Belgium. The buildings do suggest proximity to Holland, at least, but definitely not Holland as no German is spoken anywhere in my home country.
    The picture with the Haake Beck Bier ad must be Germany too. The Beck brewery is in Bremen, Germany and still exists. Probably a local, ie. non-exported brand.
    The car with the flowers has Dutch L-reg. civilian plates for the central province of Utrecht, in fact close to the bulb fields (Lisse, for example, is a centre of bulb industry) where that picture was obviously taken.
    The pictures with the traditional costumes must have been taken in the touristic village of Volendam – it’s their costume we’re seeing.
    The rest, apart from the obvious one with the sign saying Rotterdam, is anybody’s guess.

    Hope this helps,

  2. fabulous photos! what a great site.
    I’m researching clothing in holland during ww2 for a film project. Would you have any more, particulary of women?

  3. Really fascinated by the collections of photos. I am a living in Amsterdam and interested in learning more about this period of History. Any more of city setting?

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