WWI 107th Infantry Regiment, 27th Division NY KIA Portrait Photo – Harold E. Manners – Meuse-Argonne Offensive

I picked up this little gem in a Palmer Massachusetts antique store a few months back and never took the time to look at the photo closely until this past week.  The frame was intricately created; something not often seen in run of the mill WWI photos.  The gold stars on the corners and bottom of the image should have been a dead giveaway.  Once I  decided to look at the photo a little closer, I took the frame apart from the back and began to uncover the identity of the soldier depicted in the image.  I knew he was a member of the 7th Infantry Regiment; this was evidenced in the collar disc.  The 7th New York eventually became the 107th Infantry Regiment of the 27th Division.  Harold was in Company H.

The reverse of the photo was beautifully inscribed with everything I needed to know to track this fellow down.

Harold Edward Manners

Killed in France in the

Great War, Sept. 29th 1918

aged 23 years

After extensive research I’ve learned that Harold was killed during the operations before the Hindeburg Line east of Ronssoy, September 29th, 2918.  His citation for the day reads:

“This soldier, with great gallantry and determination, advanced against unusually difficult enemy positions composed of strongly fortified machine gun nests until killed.”

I found an auction result online that showed his medals which were sold in 2008 at an auction in NY. A beautifully inscribed NY veterans medal for a KIA was included.  I wish I had that grouping!

Harold E. Manners – KIA Meuse-Argonne 1918

One thought on “WWI 107th Infantry Regiment, 27th Division NY KIA Portrait Photo – Harold E. Manners – Meuse-Argonne Offensive

  1. Dear Mr Gauthier,

    Several weeks ago I wrote to you regarding the photo of Pfc Harold E Manners who was KIA in France in The Great War. I am now in contact with the Manners family in regards to the newly found cache of family letters between Harold and his mother and father, which includes the letters which they wrote to him not knowing that their son was already dead on Sept 29th 1918. There are also several telegrams, photos, and miscellaneous other items .

    According to the Manners family,, many family heirloom items of value and of a personal nature were apparently sold off by a former caretaker of an elderly member of the family. several years ago. It is quite likely that person was responsible for the war medals and framed photo of Harold going missing and ending up in auction and flea market. Presently I am endeavoring to get the Manners family and the box of letters reunited, again. In that vein, would you be interested in either selling or gifting the framed photo of Harold to the family ? As for the medals, I have no idea as to how the medals might be recovered ? Your thoughts, please. Thank you. I look forward to your email, or, if you prefer, my cell phone is 407-704-0167 .

    Thank you.

    Joe Chetwynd, Pembroke, MA

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