Awesome WWII Catholic Chaplain Jeep – Negative/Photo – Willys Jeep in Germany 1945

Guys like this make me proud to be Irish Catholic!  I have hundreds of negatives from this 9th Armored Division collection, many of them related to Chaplain services during WWII.  The collection includes 20-30 shots of this same jeep – gotta’ love the name!  Ave Maria.

See the bar projecting above the front of the hood?  It was created to cut wires that may have been strung across French and German roads in order to decapitate US soldiers.  Ouch!


WWII 69th Division Medic Photo Album – 369th Medics – Rare Candid Photos of Linkup!

Casual followers of this blog may remember that my grandfather was a member of the 69th Division, 777th Tank Battalion, during WWII.  His stories and memorabelia are what sparked my passion for WWII history.  Although I only have a handful of photos from him during the war, I was able to obtain a photo album from a member of the 369th Medics, a unit with the 69th.  Please enjoy these photos – there are some rare images contained within.