WWII 42nd Division, 222nd Anti-Tank Company and German Prisoners of War – April 11th, 1945 Schweinfurt, Germany

From the negative grouping of Edward Majchrowicz

From time to time I will cull through my backlogged collections and pull out interesting images for posting here to PortraitsofWar.  My collection of 42nd Division negatives from a member of the 222nd Anti-Tank Company is comprised of nearly 600 B/W negatives and an additional 200 prints.  The collection is one of the best I own, and is ripe with juicy frontline photos.  I’m even friends with a veteran from the company, who can tell me the stories behind the images.  Here’s a nice shot of a group of dejected German POW’s.  Apparently, the line consisted of nearly 1,200 soldiers who surrendered somewhere outside Schweinfurt, Germany.

42nd Rainbow Division Rolls Through Bavaria – 222nd Infantry Regiment Photo Post


222nd Anti-Tank Company


A member of the 222nd Anti-Tank Company of the 42nd Division snaps a photo while a convoy of trucks rolls through a small Bavarian town.  One of a series of nearly 800 negatives from the 222nd that I acquired last year; this photo encompasses the fast moving blitz through Germany and Bavaria that the 42nd took on during the last parts of the war.