11th Armored Division Soldiers Capture German Weapons and Uniforms – Panzerfausts, Rifles, Helmets++

One of my favorite wwii photo collecting topics has to be the captured German material photo.  US soldiers routinely posed with “liberated” German goodies to show friends and family back home.  More often than not, they sent these items home.  In this incredible photo, members of the 11th Armored Division pose with a plethora of German material. Two types of panzerfaust, grenades, a rare grenade launcher, helmets, hats, mausers, machine gun belts, pistols, and even an MP44 in the bottom right hand corner.  Phew!

Captured Bayonet and Helmet

Grenade Launcher


Broken Mauser

Potato Masher Grenade and Panzerfaust