WWI Cover Art Post #1: 79th Division, 316th Infantry Regiment Doughboys in Trenches – By: Thomas M. Rivel (DSC Winner)


Following up on a series of posts on the World War One Historical Association blog (http://ww1ha.wordpress.com/) regarding dust jacket art from the WWI era, I’ve decided to begin posting some of my favorite examples of war-era cover art.  This example is from a copy of the unit history for Company F of the 316th Infantry Regiment.  The cover and internal art was designed by a regimental veteran named Thomas M. Rivel who received the Distinguished Service Cross for his action outside Montfaucon, France in 1918.  His cover piece combines a few elements that are commonly seen in wartime cover art, including posies, trench details, aircraft and a stone-faced doughboy.  A great piece!