A WWII German Soldier’s Wartime Pocket Contents -A German Troop Transport Driver ‘s Life Unveiled

Have you ever wondered what the pocket contents of a WWII German soldier would look like?  In this case, I picked up a small grouping of photographs, documents and a dog tag from a WWII German soldier who survived WWII.  I can’t quite make out his name, but we do know that he was a vehicle operator, as evidenced by his green oil-cloth Kraftfahrzeugschein (vehicle registration) document.  All of the photographs and his dog tag point to the fact that Alfred was a driver of a modified troop transport vehicle during the last three years of the war.

Until I discover more about Alfred, I will leave the following material to you, the viewer to help decipher!



Alfred Pinzel of Sandhofan


Alfred buffing his tire




Alfred and his friends


Alfred’s WWII German Identification Tag – # 256, Blood Type O, 2nd Fahr. “Covered” Ersatz Battalion Abt. 8



WWI Burlington, VT Portrait Photo – William W. Putnam 310th Cav. Fort Ethan Allen

William W. Putnam of Thomaston, Maine came to Vermont as part of the Machine Gun Troop of the 310th Cav in 1918.  He posed for a photo in a Burlington, VT photo studio while training at Fort Ethan Allen.  He had his photo taken in Burlington after his promotion to sgt (1/1918) at the studio of H. Raymond Paige of 22 Church Street.


Maine service record:
Name: William W. Putnam
Serial Number: 371805
Birth Place: Brewer, Maine
Birth Date: 03 Sep 1897
Residence: Thomaston
Comment: Enl: Ft. Slocum, N. Y., May 10/18. Pvt; Sgt Aug. 1/18. Org: MG Tr 310 Cav to disch. Overseas service: None. Hon disch on demob: Dec. 20, 1918.


William Putnam441



William Putnam442

Henry  Raymond Paige Studio Logo, Burlington, VT


January 1918 Article About the Return of Raymond Paige

January 1918 Article About the Return of Raymond Paige


Raymond Paige in 1920

Raymond Paige in 1920