World War One German Veteran Interviews: WWI Vets Describe the Battle of Verdun in Graphic Detail

I don’t often post material relating to the German viewpoint of the First World War, but after watching a number of WWI German veteran interviews on youtube, I’ve decided to post a few of the best.  It’s rare to view digital interviews with veterans who fought nearly 100 years ago.  These vets were nearly 100 when interviewed in the 1980s and early 1990s. Take a moment to put historical viewpoints aside and listen to the accounts of historical events that are all but forgotten by todays generation. Luckily, the digital age has preserved some of these memories.

Details about the battle are ones that can’t be gleaned from history books, they are anecdotes that can only come from the veterans who fought the battles trench-trench.  Make sure to listen for the story about drinking machine gun coolant to quench the thirst of battle as well as the horrific details of artillery barrages.  Details about the repair of uniforms after battle in order to march in front of Kaiser Wilhelm as well as the fact that the veteran took his helmet spike off during combat to avoid damage only help add to the personal value of listening to a veteran interview.

For more WWI German material please check out the following blog:

2 thoughts on “World War One German Veteran Interviews: WWI Vets Describe the Battle of Verdun in Graphic Detail

  1. make your website longer this is trash im doing a project and this is no help my great grandpa can remember more than this website! FYI hes dead

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