WWII Kodachrome Color Slide – USS Canfield DE-262 Escort Destroyer at Eniwetok 1944 in Vibrant Color

For all you Navy buffs out there…………. this photo has been hidden away in a slide carousel since it was taken in 1944.  Never before digitized.  Enjoy!


USS Canfield (DE-262) was an Evarts-class destroyer escort constructed for the United States Navy during World War II. She was sent off into the Pacific Ocean to protect convoys and other ships from Japanese submarines and fighter aircraft. She performed escort and antisubmarine operations in dangerous battle areas and returned home with four battle stars.

She was launched on 6 April 1943 by Boston Navy Yard; sponsored by Mrs. L. W. Canfield; and commissioned on 22 July 1943, Commander J. B. Cleland, Jr., USNR, in command.

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