388th Bomb Group at Knettishall – Everyday Life Installment 2

Work Horses Plow a Field

Windswept Nurse

Alva spins a spit!

Seated Pose

A Barracks Fistfight

One thought on “388th Bomb Group at Knettishall – Everyday Life Installment 2

  1. I’ve always considered a good photograph equal to a quality painting and as deserving of wall space – Alegre’s images certainly prove the point.

    I can put a name to the windswept nurse for you, and have some more information in that respect. I have emailed you, but if it doesn’t reach you then please email me!

    The old airfield can be a very atmospheric place at times for me, when in the right spot and conditions – especially so when waiting quietly while a veteran stands in the middle of the old runway, gazing into space and lost in private memories. Yet I wasn’t there, I have no experiences from this time. Some of these photos are having the same effect on me. I often wonder if others pick up on this, or whether it is simply my imagination playing tricks. Whatever, it demonstrates how powerful a photgraphic image can be.

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