388th Bomb Group Artist in England 1944 – Alva Villamor Alegre

From the depths of my collection comes a series of amazing negatives taken by a member of the 388th Bomb Group stationed at Knettishall England in 1944.  I have over 300 images from this collection and will slowly be posting them over the next few months.  Keep checking back for updates.  The medium-sized negatives are in immaculate condition and came to me rather inexpensively from an eBay auction. Enjoy!

Alegre was a Phillipino born artist who passed away in the early 1950s at the early age of 40.  I one day hope to find a piece of his art!

4 thoughts on “388th Bomb Group Artist in England 1944 – Alva Villamor Alegre

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  2. My dad (John Lloyd Swarts) served with the 587th Postal unit (388th) in Knettishall 1943-1945 and had his portrait painted by Alva Alegre. We are getting older and wondering what to do with the framed painting. Any suggestions?

    • Pat – I would love to see a photo of it! Also, I know the 388th Bomb Group museum would be a good home for the piece if you ever decided to part with it. I know several of the people who can help.

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