WWII Photo: American Medics in the Battle of the Bulge – 4th Infantry Division

Captured on medium format film by US Army Photographer Cpl. Edward Belfer, this image comes from my extensive collection of US WWII photography and depicts a group of US medics pushing a metal pontoon boat along the snowy streets of Bettendorf, Luxembourg on January 19th, 1945.  The boat, loaded with medical supplies, is headed towards the Sure River.  An oddball detail in this shot include a theater-made snow camouflage helmet covers with the fronts cut out to reveal the medical cross beneath.





WWII 69th Division Medic Photo Album – 369th Medics – Rare Candid Photos of Linkup!

Casual followers of this blog may remember that my grandfather was a member of the 69th Division, 777th Tank Battalion, during WWII.  His stories and memorabelia are what sparked my passion for WWII history.  Although I only have a handful of photos from him during the war, I was able to obtain a photo album from a member of the 369th Medics, a unit with the 69th.  Please enjoy these photos – there are some rare images contained within.