Harry C. Kolacinski of Milwaukee, WI: WWII Identified Studio Portrait

eBay has been a consistent source of fantastic portraiture for PortraitsofWar for over five years.  The material that pops up on the web is easy to acquire and makes for a fun and interesting research project.  In this case, I was able to track down an identified photo of a US airman wearing a brim-up cap and sporting a light beard.   The photo is identified on the reverse as a Harry Kolacinski.

Harry Kolacinski in WWII

Harry Kolacinski in WWII


Harry was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI.   His major biographical information can be found below:


Army Record

Army Record


Harry’s 1936 Yearbook


Harry in 1936

Harry in 1936


Harry passed away in 1986


WWII Original June 6th, 1944 D-Day Snapshot off Omaha Beach – 62nd Armored Field Artillery


The 62nd Armored Field Artillery landed on Omaha Beach on June 6th, 1944 and earned a Presidential Unit Citation for it’s actions that day.  A recent eBay purchase provides us with a view the 62nd saw that day before the delayed landing at 1830.  This photo is a rare glimpse of the activity off the shore of Omaha Beach on that fateful day.  Note the puffs of smoke and landing craft zipping across the waves.  Although not unheard of, June 6th landing photos are a holy grail amongst collectors.  Enjoy!




WWI 26th Yankee Division, 102nd Field Artillery Doughboy – Walter Laskowski

Originally a member of the 8th Co. Coastal Artillery based out of Narragansett Bay (RI) until April 1918, Walter eventually joined the 102nd Field Artillery of the 26th Yankee Division.  I was lucky enough to acquire two inscribed photographs depicting Walter in both roles.  His seated portrait was taken before his June 1918 departure for overseas service.

An interestingly decorated backmark shows that the seated portrait was taken in at 162 Thames Street in Newport, RI.  The Electric Studio’s logo includes a fanned array of lightning bolts emanating from the written portion of the backmark.

For further information on the Rhode Island National Guard unit Walter belonged to, click the link below: