3 thoughts on “YMCA-DUDE355

  1. Hello, found this site and find it fascinating. I also collect and research WW1 photos. I have this same YMCA photo in my collection and it is identified. This is William Jeffery who was born 6 DEC 1868 at Penzance, England. He lived in Berkley Heights, NJ and on ancestry there are 2 passport applications w/photo of him. His wife’s name was Annie. At some point he ended up in Detroit which is where he died in 1939 and is buried with his wife and a son. On his find a grave page I have posted this photo.

    • Steve,

      This is exactly the reason I maintain this website! Fantastic! I really appreciate the info – it gives the photo a contextual value that would’ve been lost without your message. How did you come across my site? Would love to see what other material you have in your collection. Only a tiny fraction of my material is on this site and I would be more than happy to send you scans of photos of interest.


  2. Brennan
    I came across this site by just googling world war 1 photo. A lot of times I just see what all I can find on line. I have been buying WW1 photos for almost 20 years at flea markets, antique shops, and gun
    shows. I now mainly only buy identified photos. All those years I have not really found a lot of photographically interesting photos; mostly just plain soldier photos against plain backgrounds. But researching them I have found a lot of soldiers with a good history. I’ve uncovered 8 who were awarded the DSC, several dozen awarded the Silver Star, Croix de Guerre, and Navy Cross. From KIA’s to POW’s and deserters. I never know what I will find out which makes it all the more fascinating to do the research. I also have soldier letters but I haven’t found any of those in years.

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